Monday, July 5, 2010

Trashed Park

So, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than to take some fireworks down to your local neighborhood children's playground, and set them off all over the play equipment? Great idea, Bob!

Park Burns_1

I took Ethan down to the park on Tokay this morning to get a little outdoor play time in before the heat got to be overwhelming, and ended up leaving earlier than I wanted to because the park was so thrashed. The aftermath of a 4th of July "celebration" was everywhere... bits of glass and melted plastic, empty fireworks containers, ash and burnt bits of paper, and tons of cigarette butts. I even found a few large, used bandages laying near the play area for the smaller children; what a lovely surprise that would be for someone's kid to find!

Park Trash_2

The fireworks that they set off on the slide have ruined it; the plastic melted and bucked up the slide so that if anyone goes down it, they could get a nasty scratch.

Park Burns_2

Way to be an upstanding citizen and member of this community, jerks!

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