Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Park Peeks

Ethan park peek_07-05-10 (Medium)

Ethan loves going to the park. I've decided to start making the rounds of the Modesto parks, so that he can get a different experience every week and see new kids out there playing, too. The one near us (on Tokay) he enjoys a lot, but I often find it trashed and filthy, even when it's not the result of 4th of July partying. It was also set up so that most of the play equipment is directly in the sun for most of the day. Ugh! Doesn't this city have better planners than that? Wait a second... these are the same people who painted a well-known gang symbol, the "smile now- cry later" drama masks, on the children's playground. Hmmm...

Ethan park_07-05-10 (Medium)

At least he has fun while he's there, I guess. Especially when he's trying to escape from mom!

Ethan park crawl_07-05-10 (Medium)

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