Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burn '10: Art Cars

One of the awesome things about Burning Man is the infinite range of creativity and self-expression that you are privileged to observe and participate in while you're there. Just seeing the variety of costumes, vehicles, art exhibitions, and structures there sparks your own inner batteries and makes you want to create and build something of your own inspiration.

These are some of the mutant vehicles that caught my eye this year...

The industrial age dragon-
CIMG3680 (Medium)

The preying mantis-
CIMG3659 (Medium)

The robot handcart, built for two-
CIMG3656 (Medium)

And Sinbad's mini-ship-
CIMG3658 (Medium)

... which I think might be a felucca. I loved it! If I made a mutant vehicle, I think I'd like one with this persian-pirate theme, though I also liked Joel's preference for the British or Revolutionary war-era ship, complete with tea service. Cheerio!

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