Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love and Loss

This page is dedicated to my nephew, Nathaniel Ray, and his mother. He started growing inside her six and a half months ago... and was lost to her this week. We didn't get a chance to know him, but he is loved and will always be remembered. I cannot imagine going through such a loss, and I can only offer my unending love and support to my sister. I'm sorry your first experience of being a mother was so filled with grief, but I feel so honored to have shared at least those few moments with you and Nathaniel.


I'd like to find something for my sister that will help her through this grieving process. Her nurses are already making her a memorial book about Nathaniel, but I was also thinking about some sort of necklace or bracelet. A website called offers a wide range of healing jewelry for miscarriage, infant loss, fertility, sympathy, pregnancy and birth. Not only do they have beautiful and unique memorial gifts, but the author has a special gift for putting into words the thoughts and feelings of someone who has lost a child during pregnancy. I especially loved her writing about the butterfly as a symbol of the soul, and "the hope that the transformation that loss brings into our life, can result in something different, something beautiful."


A "footprints on my heart" necklace from La Belle Dame.

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