Thursday, September 23, 2010


By the way... Happy Birthday to my amazing husband Joel. You are the love of my life, which means so many different things. You are the person I want to call first when something awesome or scary or weird happens. You are the most handsome man that I'm privileged to know, and I constantly have to shake my head in wonder at how lucky I am that you're mine. You can make a day of walking and talking into a crazy adventure or a soothing oasis, and both will be exactly what I needed at that moment. Yes, you can also be an expert at driving me up the walls, but then you're also a pro at bringing me back down and calming my nerves. You inspire me to stay fit and encourage me to stay positive, and your quiet example of courage and optimism help me avoid my natural tendencies towards melancholy. I'm always astounded by how much you know and how talented you are, and sometimes I feel a sort of pity for the people who won't get to know you the way I do... and for the people who don't have someone like you in their lives.

You're a loving and fun and happy father, and my only regret is that we didn't meet earlier in life so that we could have enjoyed our couple-time and yet have a full household by now. I'm so lucky to have you for my husband, my mate, my partner; and I love you always. These tough times we're going through right now, financially speaking, will NOT break us. We'll get through them together, and just think... if this is how great it is while we're struggling, imagine how awesome it will be when we're stable. I can't wait to share those times with you, finally. Happy, happy birthday!

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