Monday, September 27, 2010

Motorhome for Sale!


Yes, we're selling our motorhome. Not because we don't like it, but because (as you may have noticed) times are tight, financially speaking. We just really could use the money, and unfortunately won't be able to keep the RV. I'm so disappointed, because after camping in it twice so far, I don't think I can ever go back to tent camping. And there is absolutely *no way* I'll go to Burning Man again unless it's in an RV.


Things being what they are, we have already put the RV ad on craigslist, and now we're just waiting for the throng of eager buyers to bid up the price to $5000. But we'll settle for half that. ;)


So if you know anyone who might be interested, let us know! It is a 1976 Dodge Sportsman RV, we're selling it for $2500, and it has the following features:

* Just over 50,000 miles, and current with registration
* Gas Water Heater, and a 30 Gallon Fresh Water tank
* Power Brakes, power steering, and cruise control
* New propane/electric refrigerator
* Updated car A/C unit to accept 134a
* Comes with New 6.5 HP 3000W portable generator. Used for 5 hrs. Powered the microwave and A/C with no problems
* 1000w power inverter
* FM stereo with mini amplifier. Great
* New gas RV heater, new Fan Alternator, new A/C belts
* All gas appliances work: stovetop, oven, heater, fridge
* Two sleeping lofts, working toilet and shower
* RV is 21ft long. Small enough to share a two car driveway
* 440cid engine with 4 barrel carb
* Does have some interior water damage, but leak was repaired and it recently went through a major storm with no leaks or any other issues

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