Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Camping Trip, Aug.'10-- pt.2

When we first got up to the Dardanelles, near Strawberry, we got our stuff out as quickly as possible and then went for a walk.
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I, who had so strenuously objected to the stroller earlier that day, was now fairly glad we had brought it. Our son doesn't like being confined, but then I don't like running after him nonstop while he explores his surroundings. We all needed a break for a few minutes, and the walk was a great way to release some pent-up energy.
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Maybe a little too much energy... either way, we had a great time on our walk. We even met a little girl around Ethan's age who played around with him for a bit. It was a lot of fun watching them interact, and made me want even more to get back to work so that he can go to daycare and play with other kids. He needs it, he wants it, and he would be so happy to get that kind of interaction on a daily basis. It's time to let him go a little bit... just to daycare. For now, we're enjoying these moments as a family, and trying to take advantage of every minute we have away from the daily grind. And what a place for doing just that-- how can you not enjoy yourself, with this type of setting? Beautiful!
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