Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I swear, Ethan cracks me up so much. His latest escapades involve my attempts to wean him off of bed-time milk (I know, I know), and my inability to keep from giggling at his antics. See, he still doesn't know how to say "milk" with an m sound. He says "nilk" instead. And it's just stinkin' cute, is what it is. Especially when he really gets going on the echolalia and just keeps repeating and repeating the word, with different inflections sometimes, until you finally figure it out and get him what he wants.

In this case, he wants his dang milk before he'll be ready for bed, thank you very much. But I know that he shouldn't be drinking anything except water after brushing his teeth at night, and I know that he needs to develop a new sleep habit other than having to have his belly full of milk. It will make life a lot easier for both of us once he (and I) learn that little trick. Until then, it'll be a tough couple of days (weeks? months??) while we try to navigate our way out of this old habit. But it is so funny to listen to him try to beg or nag me into getting him his cup of milk. "Nilk? nilk? niiiilk? NILK?? nilk nilk nilk?" After a minute or so it just starts getting too funny for me, and I start giggling. And since at that point he's laying with his back against my chest and stomach, he can feel it every time I laugh, even silently. So then he starts laughing, which sets me off again, and pretty soon it's just one big giggle-fest. Which is fun, but not so good for the whole "bedtime" thing. Oh well; I've got to enjoy these days now, because who knows how long he'll let me hold him before bedtime? (And no creepy answers, please!)

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