Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday BBQ

To celebrate the birthdays of my niece Leila and my sister Adrienne, we hosted a barbecue on the third weekend in April. Here are some photos to remember the day...

Ethan loves to play with his Aunt Elena. And she always has a great time, too. PS-- Notice how long her hair is? Careful not to trip over it next time, Auntie!
CIMG2931 (Medium)

Here are the two birthday girls, going through the time-honored ritual of "shake it and see what's inside..."
CIMG2927 (Medium)

Joel, sporting his "I'm older than I look" facial hair. Hot, hot hot!
CIMG2920 (Medium)

And finally, my darling boy, so much cuter than he has any right to be:
CIMG2919 (Medium)

Don't I have a great family?

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