Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hiding in plain sight

Ethan likes to watch TV. Sometimes, though, he likes to watch it while being completely hidden beneath pillows on the couch.
CIMG2939 (Medium)

So that he can then slither out from under them and slowly creep forward...
CIMG2940 (Medium)

Peering over the edges to make sure we can't see him...
CIMG2967 (Medium)

And then, BOOM!
CIMG2954 (Medium)

He jumps out to "surprise" us and cracks himself up in the process.
Mission complete, he can then sit back and relax, congratulating himself on a job well done. That's my boy...
CIMG2944 (Medium)


  1. That is freakin' adorable! Recently Evan has decided it is "fun" to get out of bed at night and play with his toys. The funniest thing is watching him streak back into his bed when we open the door to bust him. We go in to wake him in the morning, and see him with all sorts of toys he has brought into his bed.

  2. LOL, can't wait for those days, Rachel! Gotta love the "holy moley!" face they make when they think they're getting caught. :)