Friday, May 7, 2010


I think that some of Ethan's teeth are coming in... again. This boy never stops teething, poor thing. He's been shoving his whole fist in his mouth lately, and when I tried to brush his teeth he practically impaled himself trying to get the toothbrush deeper into his gums. The weird thing is, he already looks like he has enough teeth:
CIMG2979 (Medium)

Yep, plenty of chompers there. Are more really necessary? How many teeth does one person need, anyway? I mean, sure, you don't want any huge gaps up front, and you need your molars for chewing, but aren't the number of teeth we have kind of overkill?

Or maybe I'm just overly sensitive because it's tough to watch him go through the painful process of teething. Either way, it's a point to ponder; next time you're at the Dentist's office, go ahead and bring it up. Of course, they are slightly biased; the more teeth, the merrier, right? At least someone will be happy to hear he's got more coming in!

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  1. Just had to say it; I love this boy's eyes!!