Monday, May 3, 2010

Return to the Resolution

So, this week it begins... again. The resolutions I made at the beginning of the year faded away somewhat as I got caught up in the preparations for job searches, job interviews, and a possible move-- all of which basically led me back to where I began, on unemployment and home with my baby. Since I'm back at square one, I might as well re-start my vows to make some lifestyle changes. Ethan and I are going back to the gym again, and I also decided that we need to have more routine in our lives. Like, gym in the mornings, then "field" trips in the afternoon: mall, library, park, playground, grandma's house, etc. That, plus getting back on track with the healthy eating, will make a big difference around here. Can't wait to get started!

I don't necessarily have to look like Halley Berry here, but I'd like to get more fit and toned. And a little more tanned wouldn't hurt, either. Too bad the only way I tan is by amassing freckles and/or getting burnt to a crisp. Some people (HB) are just born luckier than others, I guess.

halley bikini

Oh, and I'm going to be much better about taking my ibuprofin for the shoulder pain, too, because that is half the reason why I don't end up going to the gym in the morning. When I wake up aching, I just can't see how I'd get through a workout *and* carry him in and out of the car several times. Time for major pain control!

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