Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pondering a new career...

I'm thinking about how to get myself into a career path that would allow me to stay home with my child or children, have flexible hours, be able to go on family vacations or couples-only holidays when we need to, and yet also make enough money to pay for those little things like rent, utilities, health insurance, and-- if we're lucky-- babysitter fees every so often. Here are some possibilities I'm considering:

- Creating DVD slideshows:
I've made several of these and really enjoy doing it. It would require serious time to myself in front of the computer, which would be difficult without having Ethan in daycare at least part-time. I could sell them for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, retirements, and more. A few years ago I got a business license to start working on this, but it never got past the first few steps; maybe now is a better time for it...

- Creating costumes and accessories:
I started sewing and creating costumes last year for our Burning Man experience. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself some of the basic skills, but I'd love to really get into it this year. They have classes at the local junior college that I'm thinking about taking. Some of the projects I'm going to make this year include furry hats, boot covers and boot toppers, shrugs, and providing some accents to clothes I already have (like wrist cuffs added to a jacket, etc.). Shops that cater to the Burning Man crowd (plus ravers, cosplayers, furries, and others) can charge a heck of a lot of money for their goods-- and still get tons of orders! I already bought one section of material to start working with, so that I can see if this is something not only that I can do, but that I want to do.

Other than that, I'm hoping a book editor miraculously discovers Lemon Tart Life and realizes that it is different from all of the other blogs out there-- it's brilliant yet humble, hilarious yet touching, simple yet thought-provoking, and in a word-- perfect. Then they'll contact me, offer me a lucrative writing contract, and voila! Problem solved.

Yeah, um, I'll go ahead and let you all know when that happens. Meanwhile, here's how my days will probably pan out if I'm my own boss:


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