Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carmel in June '10, pt.1

So, I'm a bit of a slacker... but I eventually get around to it! In June, we went to Carmel with Stefanie & Leila, and had a great time. Yes, there were some minor irritations, but they were great lessons-- as in, don't plan a beach picnic with a toddler. Instead, go for the quick, the easy, the painless. It's much better to pick up fast food or sandwiches somewhere and then head out to enjoy the beach, rather than spending your time hauling around picnic baskets and making sure food stays cool and then getting it ready, blah blah blah. Nope! Next time, keep it simple and life becomes much more enjoyable.

1stbeachsteps_060410 (Medium)

It was Ethan's first time at the beach, and he wasn't always best pleased. He tried out the water pretty quickly with daddy by his side...
CIMG3129 (Medium)

... but just as quickly, realized that Pacific Coast water is c-o-l-d in these parts.
CIMG3123 (Medium)

Hopefully he gets more accustomed to it the more he goes... until then, there's always staying on the sand, and playing with the stroller!
CIMG3143 (Medium)

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