Monday, August 30, 2010

Sink Bath

While we're gone this week, I decided to catch up on some old news that I've been meaning to post... like, for instance, the great, groundbreaking achievement of bathing my toddler in a tiny bathroom sink.
IMG_1029 (Medium)

Yes, the boy loves his bath time. Even more so when he can turn the water faucets on and off at will. In fact, it's more than just bath time. It's anything to do with water, and the controlling thereof. He absolutely adores flowing water, the colder the better. When he takes his bath, he loves to turn the cold water faucet on full blast, and stand there shrieking in delight while splashing it all over himself.
IMG_1028 (Medium)

My child, the only boy I know who will probably grow up to be one of those people who jump naked into iceberg-filled water, just for the fun of it. I even found a cool link at this page where they talk about the phenomenon of "winter swimming" (ack!) and the Polar Bear group; it was actually quite interesting. But I probably won't see Ethan in any of those pictures someday... or will I?
IMG_1027 (Medium)

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