Friday, August 6, 2010


I seem to spend every evening in a smaller and smaller space... I lie down on my side, facing the wall, my knee jutting out over the edge of the bed a little bit, and I curl my right arm underneath the pillow. I hardly even take up as much space as my body would require if I were lying straight on my back, and I tend to stay in that position for most of the night. I use less than half of the bed, and never stray across the center line. I suppose it should feel cold, or lonely, or distant, but I've stopped feeling those things so much... instead, I just see myself lying there as if I'm an outsider observing from inside the room, and I gently shake my head in sympathy.

On a related note, I found a neat article about sleep positions here.
They leave out a bunch of positions in the photo from Redbook's original article, but it's still interesting to think about... Is it weird that we tend to be a 'G'? Maybe that's mainly because I have a core temperature near that of the Sun... or maybe it's for other, more complex reasons. Either way, I yearn for A,C,F, or any sort of physical contact. I know we're asleep, but it is still comforting to be literally in touch with my partner.


  1. You're not alone in the way you sleep....I think you hit it on the head about the body temperature and being physically apart. Don't let it bother you! It doesn't mean you are any less in love! ;o)

  2. Sorry...just read some of your older posts....hope I didn't say anything that hurt you. I saw this entry of yours 1st before reading the older posts...wanted to make sure you understood my comment above. Don't forget to your feelings. You can work this out if you work on it....and if you both want to. Life is very short...and it's no fun if you are not enjoying it. Call me if you want/need to talk.

    Love you....Kathy