Friday, August 20, 2010

Mile a Minute

Ethan's vocabulary has really exploded in the past few weeks. It's so exciting to watch these new words just appear while he's chattering to us... The other day, for instance, he was listening to and watching a big garbage truck do its business nearby, and looked up at me with this intense expression of interest on his face. I said "Truck," and immediately he repeated it, perfectly-- "truck." I was so shocked! He said it several more times, and each time he got the pronunciation down perfectly. It's not like when he says "vacuum"-- which he says A LOT-- and gives us the Ethan version with "back-you"... with truck, he fully pronounced the t-r combo. Pretty impressive, at least to his mama.

He's also begun saying "outside," and "uh-oh," and "dog" (instead of just saying "woof" when he sees one). He says "juice" and lately has been handing me the cup when he's done, rather than chucking it across the room... most of the time, that is. One of my favorite words he picked up lately, though, has got to be "stuck." He loves it, and will purposely get things jammed into places they don't belong just so he can say it. He'll take his little vacuum cord and shove it into his chair latch over and over again, just so he has the opportunity to say "stuck, stuck, stuck" over and over. It's hilarious! I'm really glad that he's finally catching on to the communication thing, because it means that we're starting to be able to really understand each other now. What a simple, beautiful thing that is. :)

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  1. Just in the past couple of days, he also started saying these ones, too--
    - All done
    - Again
    - Nilk (milk)
    - Snack (he says "gak" and then signs "more")

    And I forgot to mention that he says "grandma." He pronounces it "mah-ma" (the first part with a long 'a' as in man, the second part as in maw). It is adorable! There are certain words he says with this deep, breathy timbre to his voice-- bye-bye, nite-nite, and grandma. He actually just whispers out "bath" when he says it, but those words he instills with a sort of affection and intimacy that is just too sweet. Oh, and last but not least-- he saw Spongebob on his bed and said "bob-bob." HOW CUTE IS THAT?!