Thursday, August 26, 2010

Carmel in June '10, pt.2

While we were in Carmel, we got a chance to stroll around a little bit (and I do mean, a little bit) and check out the shops.
CIMG3162 (Medium)

We found a really cool garden with a modern, eastern-esque fountain in a courtyard shared by a couple of restaurants and other shops, and decided to take a short break from all the walking around.
IMG_0620 (Medium)

I would dearly love to return here for a romantic holiday weekend with my man by my side, so that we could run around and explore this adorable little town more thoroughly than we can while shepherding around a curious and energetic toddler. I mean, check out the grip I have on his knee-- that kid wants to escape, pronto!
IMG_0623 (Medium)

There are so many amazing restaurants, galleries, craftsmen's shops, bed and breakfasts, gardens, and parks around that you could spend a week looking around and find quaint new spots to enjoy every day. Hopefully we can get back here someday and get lost for awhile... ah, paradise.

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