Friday, August 27, 2010

Prepping for Burning Man...

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We're getting ready to go! After all of Joel's hard work on the RV, we are finally in the last stages of preparation before leaving on Sunday. Stefanie is coming in as a lifesaver and taking care of Ethan while we are gone; we're going to have to do some serious thank you's when this is all over. I mean, what a great thing to do for someone else, even if they are family. Last year, we were lucky enough to have our friends Jenny and Julie share custody (tee hee) while we were gone. This year, Stefanie is bearing the whole burden herself, with a few breaks planned-- she'll be taking him up for a few hours during the day to his abuela in Oakdale. In fact, I still have to introduce them... yet another thing on my "to-do" list this week. Yikes!

And speaking of to-do lists, you wouldn't believe all of the stuff Joel has done to this RV to get it in running condition. Some of it while Ethan's in there stepping on his feet and trying to "help out"!
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He is a man of many talents... here's his ongoing list:

-- fixed the fuel gauge (so that we can now tell whether or not we're on empty, a good thing to know)
-- fixed the water heater and got the propane tank rockin' and ready to go, so that we now have an oven, stove, hot water, fridge and freezer, and a heater :)
-- diagnosed the water tank problem and fixed it with the help of his brother (and his welding tools)
-- figured out the water faucet issue and replaced it so that we can use the bathroom sink and shower
-- attached side rear-view mirrors
-- attached latches to the bathroom door and the screen door, and made a "hook" to hold the side door open
-- figured out how to empty the tanks and will be building a gray-water evaporation crate for getting rid of shower/sink water (leave no trace!) while we're out in the desert
-- hooked up his iPod to the speakers, liberating us from AM radio only
-- installed cup holders in front and back
-- secured the microwave and put safety latches on every cabinet and drawer
-- set up a connection for a power converter, if we can get one (to run electricity without the generator being on)
-- is currently working on getting the RV's AC unit fixed
-- is also in the process of creating an exhaust outlet for the portable AC unit; he's putting it under the bar/table area in the back

Oh, my poor, downtrodden, used and abused husband...
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I'm not even sure what else he has done or is going to do to this rig... all I know is that he's a genius, and I'm a lucky girl. Get this man a beer, stat!

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