Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandpa Moments

Ethan really likes to spend time with his Grandpa Larry. Unfortunately, my dad had to go back to work recently and leaves right when Ethan is waking up from naptime. It makes scheduling visits a lot more difficult, and so they've been missing out on time together lately.
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At least he has one grandfather he can love on and grow up with, though. One of Joel's major regrets is that his own dad isn't around to share this time with our family. We take Ethan up to visit Joel's mom Emelia and the rest of his family in the Oakdale area when we can, but even that isn't as often as we'd hope.
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It seems like it should be easier, considering that we all live relatively close to one another, but with appointments and schedules and just life in general, things tend to get busy quick and we let weeks go by without a visit. I hope to change that soon... or at least as soon as we can get a good enough income to not worry about paying for gas for those visits. Hopefully this year!

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