Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drinking Buddy

He did it! Ethan actually drank from a regular cup, using both hands, and didn't spill a single drop. Okay, maybe one drop-- but not much more than that! He was so excited about it, too; he kept stopping to tilt the cup away from his mouth and start laughing and smiling. I think he really wanted to clap his hands, but figured out that they were a little busy with the whole holding-the-cup thing at the time. It was so awesome... my baby is turning into a little boy! Not only is he talking up a storm, and really starting to get the hang of communication and so on, but he is now eating sandwiches and pizza slices and burritos without having them cut up into little pieces first, and this whole drinking out of a regular cup thing has really got me speechless. Doesn't stop me from blogging about it, of course...

But seriously, folks; isn't that amazing? He has been using those straw cups for so long now (8 months??) and refusing to do the tip-up sippy cup that I despaired of him ever moving on to the next step. And how am I supposed to brag on the playground if we can't compare our kids developmental stages? Sheesh! On a side note, I can't stand doing that. Can't we just love our kids the way they are, and stop comparing them to one another? He's perfect the way he is, at whatever stage he's currently exploring, and I'm fine with that. So there!

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