Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Train Ride

CIMG4047 (Medium)

We took Ethan to go ride a Christmas train, and he was absolutely thrilled. We tried first to go see Santa, but the line was ridiculous so we just waved as we left the line after waiting fifteen minutes. We walked right over to the train, and Ethan and Joel were able to get on the very next ride.

CIMG4050 (Medium)

He loved it! The pictures were a little tough because (obviously) they were moving the whole time...

CIMG4052 (Medium)

But you can tell, even through the blurriness, that he was thrilled.

CIMG4055 (Medium)

And I think his daddy had a pretty good time, too. Or should I say, "Choo, choo!"

CIMG4060 (Medium)

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