Monday, December 20, 2010

Will You Follow?

It's a very disheartening moment that happens every so often in a person's life; some, more than others. It's a difficult moment of truth type of event, something that makes you re-think what you previously believed, or damages your faith in what you still want to hold true. It happens to leaders and to people who want to be leaders; it happens to lovers and people who want to be loved; it happens to lonely people, hopeful people, and parents all of the time; and it never fails to disappoint and discourage, although sometimes parents can actually feel a secret gem of pride that their child has reached a new developmental stage.

It's just so sad to begin walking away, and realize that nobody is coming after you. No one is running behind you to say "No, please come back!" Nobody is following in your path and saying "Teach me, I want to be like you!" There is no hand reaching out across the void to touch yours, no footsteps echoing yours down the hallway, nobody to say "You will not be able to leave me in the distance or go off alone, because I will always be with you."

I imagine it's this feeling that leads people to God, or to another spiritual being. It seems they are the only proof against my statements above. Except that they aren't so much following us, as always there beside us... it's something to look into, anyway. It's been a long time since I felt that way about something.

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