Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Day!

We took Ethan up to see snow for the first time yesterday, because it was apparently going to be the only day this week that it wasn't actually snowing. Turns out, it was a beautiful day... clear blue skies, lots of soft snow on the ground, and plenty of families around enjoying the weather at Big Trees.

CIMG4190 (Medium)

Unfortunately, Ethan woke up after a very short nap and was a bit fussy and unhappy at first. He wanted to be held the whole time, until we got him into the toboggan-- I sat behind him, and Joel pulled us around for a bit. He calmed down pretty quickly, and even allowed us to put his hat on without a major fight. He tore off his mittens and dropped them in the snow until they finally became too wet for him to wear, so he had to go bare-hands the rest of the day. I took off my gloves too, so that I could kind of monitor his skin temperature every time I held his hands-- which was all the time.

But guess what? He ended up loving it. He wanted so badly to get out and play with all of the bigger kids, but I just couldn't let him dig into the snow too much with his hands uncovered. He did end up helping a nice lady work on her snowman, but finally got too cold and started getting upset again. He had a pretty awesome set of snow pants/overalls on, and a really thick winter jacket over that, so most of the time he was doing really well. Except when we got back to the car...

CIMG4187 (Medium)

He just has a hard time leaving his warm stuff on, including hats and socks; this kid is like part polar bear, or something. All in all, we had fun. Can't wait to take him again, this time with the proper gear on. If he'll leave it on, that is!

CIMG4181 (Medium)


  1. Oh, that's so fun! I bet he had a ball! You're a smart momma....about checking his hand temperature...they are so small...they could get cold VERY fast. Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year! Hope this one is better and you're able to find a job you love!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind wishes. I hope it changes too!