Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Job: Denied.

So I finally got the dreaded email from the County Office of Education. After an interview, the first contact you want is in the form of a telephone call-- the kind where they offer you the position. The last thing you want is written communication, because it means that the job search is over... for you, at least. They chose another person, someone who was either more qualified or who they thought would be less likely to leave for a better position as soon as they got the chance. I guess we'll never really know why this one didn't work out. But what we do know is this: I'm in serious employment free-fall right now and have no idea how we're paying rent in three weeks.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Melanie. You were looking at another job too weren't you? Maybe you didn't get this job because there's an even better one coming your way. Did you go to the employment agencies and check out temping? My other niece Candice has gotten several good jobs using a temp agency...that turned into permanent work.

  2. I went yesterday and did all the testing at one temp agency. Going to make some calls today about other ones. Can't hurt to cover the bases, right?

  3. No, it's a good plan. Good luck!