Friday, December 31, 2010


Ethan has really enjoyed getting to spend time with his aunt Stefanie, whom he calls "Fie" for some reason. She has been a reliable babysitter for us, too, which is nice for those times when you just can't see bringing along a toddler on an excursion. Right now, she's still looking for work-- just like me-- so we tend to spend a lot more time together than usual, which means Ethan gets to see quite a bit of his auntie Fie. Like when they were playing with light bulbs together (ack!)...

CIMG4136 (Medium)

He loves that he gets to spend a lot of time with family because they live nearby. Every night before he goes to sleep, he runs through the litany of family names... Fie (aunt Stefanie), Weila (cousin Leila), Baba (grandma), Papa (grandpa), Wee-na (aunt Elena), Wose (aunt Adrienne Rose), Buela (Joel's mom & Ethan's grandma-- "abuela"), Dad (Joel), and even Apple (Abuela's dog). He'll ask, "Where Fie?" and I'll say "Where's Fie?" to repeat his question. He'll look at me and say "went bye-bye" and I'll tell him "Fie's at home" or "Leila's with her daddy," and on through the list. It's pretty sweet, actually... I love that little ritual.

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