Thursday, December 30, 2010

Warning: Scenes of Cranial Peril Ahead

Ethan is a little monkey. He loves to climb, and explore, and lately has been trying out all these new ways to get in, around, through, and under furniture. When he starts planning his maneuvers, he gets this crafty expression on his face.
CIMG4118 (Medium)

I warned him not to do it...
CIMG4117 (Medium)

But he just had to try climbing off of the chair through the small side opening.
CIMG4115 (Medium)

How's that working out for ya, Ethan?
CIMG4116 (Medium)

Mom, of course, was compelled to document this all for posterity's sake. But I did (eventually) help him get out, without permanent damage to the noggin. We hope. ;)


  1. Too funny!!

  2. Well, I know *I* was cracking up, at least! ;)