Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ethan is 2 years old!

My little boy turned two years old yesterday. In honor of his birthday, I decided to cut his hair-- finally! It was so long that every time we saw him, we felt compelled to brush his hair out of his eyes. It was growing over his ears and across his collar, and was just looking so messy all the time that it was starting to bother me. So, we spent the weekend before looking like this:

CIMG4044 (Medium)

And it just drove me crazy. So, last night I got out the hair clipper, sat him in his high chair to keep him still, and then spent several minutes getting him comfortable with the sound of the buzzing clippers. It only took a little while before he was giggling and holding his body fairly stable, so I went for it. After about ten minutes, we took this picture:

Mel-Ethan_12-15-10 (Medium)

Isn't my boy gorgeous? Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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  1. Hey there..I tried to post yesterday..for some reason, it didn't take my post. Anyway....I'm so sorry that I forgot to say Happy Birthday on Ethan's birthday. Hope he had a great one! Kathy