Monday, January 25, 2010

Date Night

Had a great date with Joel on Saturday... ended somewhat poorly, but the lead-up was awesome! We had planned to go out with a friend, but that was cancelled due to a sick child (oh, the fate of mothers everywhere). Instead, we left Ethan at their house and went out by ourselves to San Francisco for a free night at Ruby Skye. The music was pretty awesome. MindControl, a duo from New York, was there, and they were really putting on a good show. We had so much fun, danced up a storm, and looked-- if I do say so myself-- frickin' awesome. Unfortunately, we overdid the beverage portion of the evening and ended up cutting it short; and by short, I mean that later on I checked our parking stub and noticed that we cut out at 12:28 p.m. WHAT?!? That is barely the beginning of the night! The evening only got worse from there on out, not that I remember much of it; there was some parking, and some nausea, and then some incidents I'd rather not speak of, and then some more that I don't recall with too much clarity. I do remember a couple of snippets of conversation; things like "I'm so sorry" and "Yeah, it does smell kinda rough" stand out in my mind, but the rest is more of a hazy blur. Just goes to show ya: You are never too old to make a fool of yourself or take things past the limit. Yay us? Not really. I'd rather we had slowed down and taken advantage of our somewhat rare night off together, instead of blowing it by getting silly-sick (me) and super-tired of being a caretaker (him). Next time, folks, it'll be different... right?

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