Thursday, January 7, 2010

R to the V

So, we might be in the process of becoming RV owners... woo-hoo! Yes, this is a recession; yes, we're pretty much broke; but we might be on our way to owning an RV anyway. Through a friend, we seem to have gotten a hook-up to an RV that needs some work, but just might come through as a great deal for our family. If it works out, we will now have something to take the baby camping in, something to go the Burning Man in, and-- worst case scenario, of course-- something to live in when all else fails. :) Here's an idea of what it looks like:

dodge rv

... except without the cool colors and the awning. Like I said, it needs some work. But we'll see if we can't make it into something that we can deal with and if not, we'll just sell it to some Burners who need a place to stay. I can deal with that! :)

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