Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sew Many Projects, Sew Little Time

Preparing for Burning Man is something I seriously enjoy. I love getting the fabrics together, choosing crazy outfits, and figuring out how to funkify the clothes I already have dedicated to BMan (stuff that's stained or torn or no longer fits, and isn't suitable for donation). I'm on the hunt for ideas and patterns right now, though I already have in mind some specific pieces I want. Last year, I made some boot covers, a shrug or two, a skirt, and modified a couple of shirts to be more Playa-friendly.

This year, I want to make my existing boot covers a little more splashy and a little more furry, a la
bootcovers from vinyl dolls

These are from OsiVinylDoll's shop on etsy.com, and she has a bunch of other great cyber/rave outfits and extras.

I also want to try to make Joel some thin, "genie" style pants that he can wear during the day to keep out the heat and dust but still cover him up a bit; he's not quite ready for the Tarzan flap some guys were wearing out there. I also want to make him some more vests, his few from last year are pretty beat at this point. I'll be trying to make a couple of different faux-fur hats for our noggins, too, because right now we only have one and neither one of us wants to go sans chapeau.

Another thing I want to try making is a tutu, similar to the one below:

... except that I would be the one making it, rather than spending oodles of cash buying one. Although the one above by mtcoffinz called Neon Kawaii Trashy Tutu is pretty stinkin' awesome.

There's a free pattern for a no-sew version at this site, though I will probably stitch the elastic rather than using a stapler, and probably also cover it with cloth as well so that it doesn't get too scratchy on the tender tummy skin. Anyway, I'll definitely keep updating with pics of my projects. Maybe I should do before and after photos, showing my progress from start (pieces of fabric and miscellaneous gear) to finish (fabulous outfits that should probably be sold for ungodly amounts of cash)... we'll see.

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