Monday, January 11, 2010

Job Worries...

I'm really nervous about this whole unemployment thing. I just got my last pay claim, and should be getting my last check this week-- that is, unless the EDD gets their stuff together and grants the automatic extension that should be coming my way. They sent out a notice saying that they had tens of thousands of errors and were trying to fix them, but that people who *didn't* receive their automatic first extension *should* be receiving it in enough time to not have a long time lag between checks. Since August, I've been receiving them every two weeks. As of now, I may be experiencing a bit of a lull... lull... lull... God willing, it's only a small gap, rather than the end of unemployment altogether. I really hadn't banked on (ha ha, pun intended, I guess) not having any more income. That would definitely put a bit of a crimp in my plans. You know, plans to pay rent and so on. /:)

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