Friday, January 8, 2010

Radical Self-Change

It's funny how I can write such forward-thinking posts as the one just prior to this one, full of lofty goals for personal development, and then in the very next minute be thinking about how much better life would be with a little plastic surgery. Or a lot. Does that make me shallow? So be it, then, because I would *love* to get some serious work done. Call me vain, color me tainted by society's perfectionist expectations of women, whatever... I just want some things to make my life a little different. Will *not* doing those things save seventeen people from a life of servitude or hunger? Probably not. Will doing those things automatically make me happy and always a joy to be around? Again, probably not. But will I enjoy doing something for *me*, without first thinking about putting my own desires or needs aside for somebody else? Hell yes.

And guess what? It's gone beyond a consideration; I've actually got some names and numbers ready to be called tomorrow to set up a consultation or twelve. You may not see a supermodel emerge from this, but you very well may see a more confident woman freed from some minor superficial complaints. Happier, yes; perfect, not by a long shot. So go ahead and revile this course, if you will, or cheer from the sidelines; all I know is, I'm going for it full steam ahead! ("It" to be determined at some future date, depending on the costs of the various procedures I have in mind... bwahahahahahaha!!!)

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