Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Inspiration for BMan'10

Amber Valletta as Angie in Gamer... this is the outfit she wore during most of the movie, and I think it is absolutely perfect for Burning Man. She is also wearing pale pink, calf-high, vinyl platform/raver boots with white knee-high white socks that have three red stripes around the top. I'm going to attempt to replicate it as closely as possible; the eBay search has begun!

Here she is again in another Angie costume; love the ice blue wig and the one opera glove. So classy in her lingerie ;)

I have also been wildly inspired by Lady Gaga's costumes in her Bad Romance video... Here is an overview put together by one of her New Zealand fansites:

But my all-time favorite was the red number she put on towards the end of the video... rroowwrrr!! Definitely want to see what I can do to create this look without spending thousands of dollars on couture lingerie. PS-- It looks much better in the video, where you can see it clearly (this image is blurry, but you get the general idea.)

ANYWAY-- Now that I have some inspiration, it's on to nurture and creation. Let the games begin!

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