Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrating the Loss...

... of weight, that is! Although I'm still struggling to keep my weight under 140 lbs, especially after dealing with a week of constantly craving sweets, I am actually dropping down in clothing sizes. Specifically, in the pants department. I went to Target this morning to get a new pair of pants for an interview later today, and to my surprise had a difficult time fitting into the size 8's that I brought in. Here's the thing: I thought I was being overly ambitious to try on a size 8, because my typical pants-size for the past couple of years has been 10-11-12. But guess what? I went out, grabbed a couple of size 6's, and they fit! Very well, too. I was ecstatic! My lower half is finally getting into the shape I've wanted for a long time, and now my upper half is doing a lot better too. Just need to get my mid-section and arm-wings in order, and I'll be set up for summer. Who could have guessed that I would look better at age 37 than I did in my twenties? Can't wait to celebrate my new shape when it gets a bit warmer!

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