Friday, March 26, 2010

From One Mother to Another

I met a lovely woman today while shopping for some new shirts at Ross. She took one look at Ethan and started cooing, literally, in the middle of the aisle. I never know what to say in those situations; do I say "Thank you", as if I had anything to do with how cute he is? She even said "Your mama did a great job with you, little one." Does she mean that because he is smiling and relatively clean? I mean, it's true enough that we read far too many stories about terrible parents and probably know some ourselves, but still; is it right for me to take credit for how awesome Ethan is? We were surely blessed with this baby, and there are often doubts in my mind that we are worthy of such a magnificent reward in our lives. But there you have it: People absolutely adore this child. I smile all day long when I take him out with me, because people fall over themselves to come up and say "Hi" or just go ga-ga for awhile. It reminds me of how people fell in love with Leila when she was young, or even now, for that matter. There is just no way to resist the beauty and perfection of childhood and innocence and open smiles, so why try?

Anyway: My point was what this woman from Ross told me today. She said, "Enjoy your time with him, even when he's fussy or acting up, because it goes by so fast. My son is 23, and I remember him exactly this way, a small boy who can't even speak yet. It happens before you know it, and you will always see a baby next to your son, no matter how old he gets." Was she trying to make me burst into tears in the store, or what? Sheesh! I am a bit emotional this week; apparently, "things" are in motion in my life and I'm a bit sensitive lately. For instance, I cried earlier while watching The Wonder Pets with Ethan. Um, it's a kids' show. About baby pets who save other baby pets. Isn't crying a bit much of a response? But I can't help myself. When the hormones start kicking in, the very thin barrier I have erected between myself and my sometimes volatile emotions slowly dissolves, until I'm completely incapable of restraining my reactions. That was a warning of sorts: Stand back, people! I'm on the loose!

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