Friday, March 5, 2010

TV Online

Since we don't have cable and can't get any stations on our TV, we tend to watch any television or movies on our computer. Joel hooked up the laptop to our TV, though, so we can also watch them on the actual TV screen when we want to. Limited, of course, to whatever is available via the internet. Hulu is pretty much our go-to site, but we are also enjoying our Netflix membership. We tried it out to compare with Blockbuster Online, and ended up liking it better. Not only is it cheaper, but it also has a streaming option that seems to work much better than Blockbuster. We can add movies to a queue to be delivered to our home, as well as to an online/instant play queue, which we can watch at any time. So far, they seem to have a pretty big variety available to watch instantly; not necessarily just-released-last-week, but still pretty recent.

Netflix also features tons of documentaries, which we love. In fact, we just watched Beer Wars, an awesome film exploring the battle between corporate beer producers and independent breweries, and Not Quite Hollywood, a fun flick about how Australia's exploitation flicks helped launch them into the international movie scene-- and develop a national cinematic identity. Both great movies, but the second one (obviously) a bit less appropriate for viewing with the kiddies or highly religious folks.

Speaking of inappropriate, here's one of our favorite skits from Saturday Night Live, showcasing the comedic talents of the outstanding Kenan Thompson.

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  1. Mel...that was pretty funny! Hey you can watch all the network shows on each networks website too. I think ABC's is or something like can google it. It's actually faster than watching it on TV because the commercial breaks are only about 20 seconds. The vid below about Jammies was pretty funny too! Your auntie........Kathy