Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedding Date Night

We have friends who are getting married soon-- one couple, this May, and the other couple are still trying to pin down a date-- and we are hoping to hook up some overnight babysitting so that we can attend as a couple instead of as parents. Is that selfish? Is it wrong? Is it heartless to think of leaving our one and a half year old son at home so that we can go enjoy ourselves out of town? Some people might think so, but we think that it's actually being considerate of the couples in question, as well as thinking about what is most comfortable for ourselves and Ethan. He isn't going to enjoy himself if he is required to be still, be quiet, and behave for several hours. We aren't going to enjoy having to ride herd on an active, curious, playful toddler who just wants to get up and run around and climb on everything he can see. The guests and the bride and groom certainly wouldn't enjoy witnessing what happens when a hungry, tired, grumpy child decides to inform the world about his emotional state. So why not spare us all the grief and set up a sitter? It would be so, so nice to be able to use that time as a "date night," too, and enjoy hanging out with our friends for the first time in a long time sans kiddo. Maybe they'll go with a fortune cookie theme...
The first wedding is in May. Can't wait to see our pals again, and catch up on their lives. By then, one of our friends will have had her first baby-- a boy. It's funny, in a way; of all the couples (originating with Joel's friends from San Jose State), we were the ones who met last, and were the first to get married and then start a family. After us, the next to get married was P&C and then D&V in summer 2008, and now in summer 2010 it'll be G&K, followed by J&A sometime this year (or next). P&C are the ones about to welcome their new baby boy into the world, and then who knows who's next? We started a trend!

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