Friday, March 19, 2010

Pele, Watch Out

I know, I know; Pele is sooo "back in the day." I should be saying Beckham, if I want to only seem a few years out of date rather than hopelessly backwards. Either way, the soccer world is now on alert: Joel is teaching Ethan how to play already!

CIMG2769 (Medium)

He even has his own trick moves. And all while holding his refreshing beverage!

CIMG2767 (Medium)

Now, how many dads at the park that day could say they did that? Not many, that's for sure. I'm really glad that Ethan is going to have such a great example of a healthy, fun, fit, athletic, and active father to look up to as he grows. It's nice to know that he will be able to play and exercise and be active with Joel, but also be able to have fun and be silly and act like a kid. I really do love that Joel has held onto his youthfulness and zest for life, and that he hasn't started saying "I'm getting old" like so many of our friends. Why do people just give up and start acting like they're too old for things, especially after they get married? How boring! I hope we never end up like that.

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