Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mirror Image, Not

Like mother, like son? Somehow, I don't think so. This, for instance, is me:
CIMG2818 (Medium)

And this is Ethan, on the exact same day:
Ethan eating 03 15 10 (Medium)

Where did he get that hair? Those blue eyes? I know they're most likely from his grandfather-- my dad, who has been waiting a long time to see his own red hair and blue eyes get passed down to another generation-- but it still seems strange to have a child look so different from you. Although, I guess it's not really that different; several friends of mine have had children with someone of a completely different ethnicity, and end up looking very dissimilar to their kids... at first glance, anyway. When you start actually looking, you can see resemblances everywhere. But I wonder if it is strange for them to see their child(ren) and not see themselves in their faces or eyes or hair. Do they have any sadness about that? Or do they end up seeing their husband or wife in their child's features, and wind up thrilled that their partner's traits were passed down in their kids? And then I wonder if it is odd, on the other hand, to have a child who looks exactly like you and very little like their other parent. Maybe I'm over-thinking it. (No, me? Never!)

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