Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday, Ethan started to run a pretty high fever. In between doses of Infant Tylenol, he spent the rest of the day refusing food and crying weakly whenever he was off of me. It was strange to see my normally active toddler lying on the couch so listless and uncomfortable. His fever was hovering around 102.5 all day and night, with periods where it got higher and then times when it dropped down to about 100-101, usually right after he took his medicine. It was a little scary, at times, to feel how hot his little body could get. He was like a furnace, just exuding heat from his head to his toes. He and I spent the night out on the couch so that I could keep an eye on his fever and keep him as cool as possible. I slept maybe half an hour all night, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get much more sleep than I did. Poor thing! He was just so miserable... The morning started off without much change in his disposition, but at least his fever appeared to have dropped down to manageable levels. Then, just a few minutes ago, when I sat down to start typing this, I heard a thump and looked around to find that he had thrown his entire dish full of strawberries into his lap, the stroller, and all over the ground. My baby's back!

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