Monday, April 19, 2010

Child Labor?

This boy, I tell you... he just loves doing yard work with us! I hope that's a good enough answer if the good folks from CPS come calling one day, after getting numerous complaints from neighbors that we are making our toddler do all of our gardening. I swear, the minute we get outside, he wants to grab a rake or broom and go to town on the yard. Sometimes, he even skips the tools and just starts picking up the seed-pods by hand and carrying them to the edge of the sidewalk, where he proceeds to toss them into the street. He's just trying to save some pedestrian from twisting an ankle on those little miniature death-traps.
CIMG2894 (Medium)

But seriously, doesn't he do a great job with the broom? It's bigger than he is, but he just used it to push a big pile of those seed thingies past the car and towards the gutters. Encouraged of course, by my running commentary of "Go to the street! Get out, seeds!" while he works. We all need cheerleaders to keep us going sometimes, right?
CIMG2895 (Medium)

Good kid. Now, if we can only get him to use the vacuum, we'll be set on the outside *and* inside the house.

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