Monday, April 12, 2010

Mission: Get A Job-- COMPLETE!

So, on Wednesday the 7th I went up to Oakland for my second interview. I thought it went well, until the very end when the head of the interview panel told me some interesting news. It seems that they were just finishing up with the 2nd interviews, and were going to start another round of first interviews the following week. What?! To me, that meant that they hadn't found the person they were looking for yet. Otherwise, why bother with yet another round of first interviews, possibly continuing on into second interviews? I left there thinking that I was just going to have to continue my search for employment elsewhere...

When I got home on Wednesday, I found out that Joel had been chosen to participate on a jury for the next couple of weeks, which would mean we'd need to find daycare if I actually was offered the job and they expected me to start before the 23rd of April. Oh, well, we'll worry about that when it happens, right? So I get a phone call from the lead Family Advocate, asking me to call her back and answer a few questions "before we can proceed." Hmm... now things are definitely looking up again. I thought she might have some concerns about whether or not we'd move up there or something like that, so I contacted her and left my info again so that we could chat. Well, she finally gets back to me Thursday afternoon and this is what happened:

Her: "Melanie, I have a few questions that the interview panel would like to ask before we go forward; I know that you've spent the past several years as a supervisor, and I'm wondering how you would feel about working in a position where you wouldn't be supervising anyone? Would that be a problem for you?"

Me: "Absolutely not. Honestly, supervising others was not my favorite part of the job; it was working with a great team of colleagues and collaborating to reach our goals. I enjoyed supervising, but I also really enjoy working as a team member, and have always worked well with my own supervisors. I would have no problem whatsoever with being in a position that's not supervisory."

Her: "I didn't think that would be a problem. So, I have one more question: Are you still interested in the job? Because I'd like to offer you the position."


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