Monday, April 26, 2010

Talk To Me

Ethan is starting to talk more and more every day. And by talk, I mean babble. His vocabulary, besides high pitched squeals and random sounds, currently consists of the following words:

- Mama
- Dada
- Down
- Up (but he says it "puh")
- Bye-bye
- No (more like, nononono...)
- Duck
- Bah (it means "bath," okay?)
- Woof
- Quack (well, it's closer to "kah" if you want to get specific)

And.... that's about the gist of it. He can say "more" in sign language, but not verbally, so does that count? Joel and I are starting to wonder if he's taking his sweet time in the language department, because he's got about ten words at sixteen months old. The expectation for an eighteen month old is fifteen to eighteen words, so... let's get a move on, kid! No, but seriously, I'm sure there are things we can do to help him add to his vocabulary. I just ordered the "Teach Me To Talk" DVD with strategies for helping your toddler learn to speak, and hopefully we can start working on that soon. You know, right before I leave to go work 12 hours a day. (sigh)

Of course, there's always non-verbal communication to help us get through the next year or two!

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