Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Positive, The Negative, The In-Between

The thought of finally going back to work is laden with both the positive and the negative...

The UP Side:
- Steady income that won't run out, whereas unemployment checks will eventually stop
- Health insurance!
- Making new connections to other adults in the workplace
- Feeling like I'm contributing to the community again through my work
- Ethan will get to socialize with more kids once he gets into daycare
- Possibly moving towards the Bay Area, which means:
> more job opportunities for Joel
> closer to SF for day trips and such
> better bike paths and walking paths
> nicer weather than Modesto (i.e., cooler)
- Moving closer to certain friends and family

The Down Side:
- No longer being able to spend every day with my son... this is HUGE for me
- Moving away from my mom & dad and sisters, as well as other family and some close friends (and my BFF!)
- Moving, in general-- YUCK! The packing, the hassle, the headache, the cost
- Commuting at first to Oakland, which is 1.5 hrs away without traffic and up to 2.5 during rush hours.. U.G.H.
- Having to find all new friends and babysitters and so on wherever we move
- More expensive rent (up to $500/month higher than we're paying now)

Anyway... I'm trying to stay positive and think of the good side, but those first two issues (missing Ethan and leaving my family/friends) are pretty tough ones. Will try to keep my thoughts focused on my goals: Surviving and thriving for and with my family. We can do it.

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