Thursday, April 8, 2010


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Last year, we had a crazy-bad windstorm that resulted in several large branches littering our yard. Rather than chop them up and toss them in our green waste for the following two months (there were that many branches), Joel decided to reduce, re-use, and recycle them-- as yard decor! He used two large ones to sort of cordon off the cactus garden, which was useful when the baby was smaller; not so much now that he has decided he has climbing-monkey skills. He then used several of the medium-sized branches to build a sort of rustic trellis above the calla lilies and across the wisteria, with an arch leading to the side of the house. The wisteria vines climbed all over the branches, and when the begin blooming every spring (usually in mid-March), they form this beautiful canopy of purple blossoms outside my window. Every time I look outside, I feel a smile creep across my face... how uplifting to the spirits these simple flowers are! This insect appears to share my opinion.

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(Doesn't Joel take gorgeous photos?)

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