Friday, April 9, 2010

King of Malls

We took a family trip to the Westfield Valley Mall in San Jose last weekend. What a cool place! Huge, and maze-like, but with so much variety that it makes up for constantly being lost and having to use GPS and spidey sense to find your way around. Here's an aerial view:

Pretty neat. I'd love to go back sans-bebe so that we can look around more and do some actual shopping. We had a very tasty lunch there, too. We had fish 'n chips, clam chowder, and shrimp cocktail from Ivar's. It's fast food, but quite yummy. Ethan loved to eat the little shrimp, and (of course) noshed on the fries with gusto.

My craving for seafood lately has been out of control; later this week I'll be making shrimp with red pepper and angel hair pasta, a recipe I stole off of Gordon Ramsay's new cooking show. I only wish he'd include ingredient measurements; it helps, when cooking.

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