Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost Active Again

I will probably be out of it for a couple of more days, recovering from the surgery. It's just too much to juggle blogging along with resting my arms, spending time with the baby, and keeping the house under minimal control without using my upper body. (ha!)

So, that said, I'm very very hopeful about a job that Joel interviewed for yesterday. It's in Livermore, and located close by some close friends of ours-- godparents of Ethan, in fact. It seems like such a great opportunity, with a fairly big range of pay scales for the motivated to pursue, and a locations all over the place for those with itchy feet who want transfers. The Livermore location caught Joel's eye right away because of the lovely bike paths all around, one of which actually debouches almost outside the door to the office. Maybe if we get lucky enough to move out that direction, we can finally get the bike trailer we've been coveting for so long. This great website has lots of recommendations and well-written reviews, and we'll probably use it to make our choice when we finally purchase. That might be a few months away yet, and we might get it from eBay or craigslist, but this website is kind of our go-to guide.

What we will most likely end up getting because they're affordable and yet still good-quality is an InSTEP bicycle trailer like this one:
...but a dream would be the Burley Solo ST Bicycle Trailer that converts easily from trailer to stroller, so that you can bike to the store/park/farmer's market, unhook it and then use it as a stroller to wander around. Pretty cool, but fits one-kid only, and a bit on the pricey side. burleysolotrailer

Anyway, once we get up to that area (cross your fingers!) we can check out some of the "cycling for fun" rides throughout the east bay area and keep our family active. Can't wait. :)

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