Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweeper, No Sweeping!

Along with his deep love of gardening tools, Ethan loves brooms. He thoroughly enjoys sweeping, or at least his version of it. It would be so awesome if he kept up this attitude in the future; I'm sure his future roomies (and wife?) would appreciate it.
Ethan sweeps 02-05-10

Unfortunately, he also retains a deep fear of the vacuum cleaner.
Ethan whimper_vacuum (Large)

The last several times I've vacuumed, I've ended up holding him on one hip so that he doesn't wound himself bawling and running for the hills. Once he almost ran directly into the fireplace trying to escape the dreaded vacuum cleaner.
IMG_0143 (Large)

Once it's been on for awhile, though, he starts to calm down. In fact, he gets much calmer once I actually leave the room, and he can stay on the couch-- never on the floor, it's much too close to the monster-- and watch me move away down the hall.
IMG_0144 (Large)

So, either he has to get used to vacuum cleaners, or he has to end up living in a house with wood flooring so he can use his beloved broom instead. We'll see how it turns out!
Ethan sweeps2 02-05-10

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