Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I Don't Read the News.

Stories like this one are why I try to stay away from newspapers. Reading something this horrific about the way people can treat another human being sickens me. The tears were streaming down my face reading this article; I don't necessarily recommend it, but wanted to share in case you felt like getting a glimpse into the darkest side of humanity. As a person, I am disgusted and appalled. As a mother, I dread to think that my son would ever meet up with the type of sick, twisted individuals who could torture someone-- an innocent, mentally challenged young woman, in this case-- to death. I feel for all the parents involved here; the terrible loss that Jennifer Daugherty's parents sustained, and in such a shockingly horrible manner, is impossible to even imagine. The parents of those disgusting men and women who committed the heinous acts are also to be pitied, just not in the same way; I can hardly even conceive of what it would be like to find out your child is a murderer. Anyway... I have to go play with my son and enjoy his smiles, and try my best to cheer up. :(

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